11" X 14" Geometric Design Framed Wall Art with Glass Features

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A piece of art can magically transform your living space in seconds. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple decorative picture to top off your homes contemporary theme. Whether you are in the bedroom, living room, or study, a beautiful piece of wall decor can make you feel comfy and warm while you do your chores or spend time with your family. This charming Wall Art with Glass features an eye-catching geometric design printed over a blue background. The natural wooden frame has a 1" border and shows off a white-washed matte finish, which gives the piece a relaxed countryside vibe. Measuring 11" x 1" x 14", this printed art decor will help add texture and personality to your indoor space. It is made of 40% wood, 20% MDF, 30% glass, and 10% paper.

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