Triangle Natural Wooden Shelf with Hooks

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Keeping all your keys safely stored in one spot ensures that you have easy access to them all the time. Maximize your wall space by mounting an attractive shelf for storing all your keys and small daily essentials. Safely stow away all your keys in this Triangle Shelf with Hooks. This wooden shelf takes on an eye-catching triangular shape. It comes attached with 9 hooks that you can use for hanging keys, ID laces, watches, and other small daily essentials. The shelf flaunts natural wood knots and is detailed with artistic images of the sun, crescent moons, and sparkly gems - giving the piece an enchanting vibe. It also has a small cubby where you may place a small LED candle or small photos. This shelf measures 10.00 X 2.50 X 10.00 inches and is made of 80% wood and 20% metal.

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