Laundry Metal Hooks with Label

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You sort all types of clothes in your laundry area. Sometimes, this can turn your laundry room into a warzone with different piles of clothes scattered all over your floors. If you want a stylish and practical way of organizing your laundry area, these storage hooks are a lifesaver! Keep your laundry room looking tidy and orderly with this Laundry Room Hooks. Each set comes with 4 storage hooks. The metal hooks have a round wooden tip to prevent your clothes from snagging or getting torn. Each hook is labeled to ensure the easy organization of your clothes - "Wash", "Dry", "Sort", and "Iron". Each hook has a 5.50-pound weight capacity. The each piece measures 5.25 x 1.97 x 9.00-inch, and is made of 80% MDF with wood veneer, 10% metal, and 10% wood.

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