Gold Metal Abstract Linear Strips Wall Art Decor

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Decorate your home and transform your rooms into art with this captivating wall art decor. It's a mesmerizing piece, with a contemporary style that will work charms on the atmosphere of your space and a vibrant color that will fit right into your rooms. This wall art decor is a high quality piece, expertly made of high grade materials. An entirely handmade and hand crafted design. You want your wall art decors to last, and that’s exactly what you get with this one. It's a part of the Tori collection, and its unique aesthetic and design will give a charming contemporary feel to the atmosphere of your home. This piece incorporates an all metal construction. As for measurements, they are 28.5” for height, 26.5” for width, and 1.25” for depth, and it weighs 2.75 pounds. Features an abstract design utilizing linear strips. Includes a rear mounting opening. Incorporate it into your interior to achieve the perfect look.

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