3D-Layered Flower Wall Art with Matte Finish

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Flowers make an attractive decorative piece that can instantly make your walls come alive. They also bring energy and vigor to any indoor space. If you are looking to infuse your walls with the natural beauty of flowers, this metal flower-inspired wall art is the perfect choice. Show off your upscale taste in home decor with this Wall Art. Flaunting 6 elegant matte-finished flowers in full bloom, this wall art decor instantly gets a fresh and natural vibe running in your home. The flowers are all hand-painted with brown, pink, and white colors, and feature gold metallic edging. The piece has a 3D-layered effect that will look stunning in your home. The whole piece is made of 100% metal, and measures 34.00 x 1.57 x 18.00-inch.

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