15.5" X 15.5" X 34.25" Gray Wood MDF Water Hyacinth Storage Cabinet with Baskets

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When you need a functional and practical piece that will also garnish your room with its stylishness and attractiveness, this is the storage cabinet for you. Its contemporary design will surely be an exceptional adornment as well. This cabinet is splendidly made from MDF, wood, and water hyacinth. Its a resilient piece, certain to serve well for years to come. Additionally, it has four water hyacinth woven baskets. The meticulous attention dedicated to details in this cabinet and its evident quality will add a flare of creativeness to the atmosphere of your home. As for measurements, they are 34.25 for height, 15.5 for width, and 15.5 for depth, and it weighs 30 pounds. This cabinet has plenty of space, and will make any room look better simply by being there. It would fit great in your hallway, living room, or lounge, for example.

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