Design Trends For 2021 

If you’re planning to redesign your home soon, you should be aware of what design trends are losing their spark and which ones are becoming popular. Trends in interior design are never static; they keep on changing all the time. Sometimes it becomes challenging to stay on top of them. The last thing you want is to choose a design style only to realize that it’s already past its prime by the time you’re done.

After having discussions with some of the top design professionals, we have curated this list of design styles that’ll be trending in 2021. You can pick any style from the list because they’re going to last for a while.

Color Design Trends

The classic naval and teal color has proved that it’s not going anywhere soon. A darker shade of blue is becoming a color trend of 2021. And if you don’t want a full monochromatic approach to your design, accentuate it with some eye-catching furniture or decorative elements.

Earth Tones

The other trend in interior design is earth tones. And embracing more earth tones in interior design will be a theme in 2021. In terms of accessories, a traditional or bohemian style throw that has an elegant patchwork of vibrant design would give a room the balance it needed. The earth tone colors with an airy, lightweight fabric is visibly unique and a must-have your design elements. 

Metal Design Trends 

The use of metal in the interiors will be the most exciting design trend of 2021. Metal has always had a strong place in decorating circles. However, the coming year will see the return of metal, like tablecloths and wall decals with metal lettering. We will also see wall panels and doors in all metal finishes.

Classic Traditionalism

While looking for yearly trends, we should also observe timeless styles. And as the name classic traditionalism suggests, this 18th century inspired design trend is timeless and classy. If you want to bring an essence of harmony and sophistication to your space, opt for this design style. It’s advisable to use soft furnishing to enhance the ambiance of this style. 

Industrial Interior Style

In the times when work from home is highly in demand, the industrial interior design provides a perfect mix of contemporary work and home space. This interior style is expected to be a favorite among millennials in 2021, as they prefer open-spaces. An industrial elegance can be added to an interior with elements like cement or wood floors, painted brick walls, glass lamps, metal end table with glass top, and many other design pieces.


Final Words for Design Trends

The New Year brings color and materials to our homes that connect us with nature and styles. If you want to add a new air to your space or redesign it completely, take help from the article to get the best out of your house. But remember to take your personal taste into account while updating your place according to new trends.


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