Design Tips Series: Accent Pillows

More often than not, a space only needs some fresh colors or a new texture pattern for a complete personality transformation. If you're feeling bored with your home décor and thinking of adding some oomph to the environment, try adding a Accent Pillow from Studio 3Sixty5. You can place it in bedroom to add a touch of rich luxury texture to the bed top. But there's more way to style your home with these accent pillow. That's why we've rounded up our favorite ways to decorate your home this season. Read the list below for inspiration…

Tufted Velvet Pillow

One of the simplest ways to style your home is using Tufted Velvet pillows. Go for a less traditional look and swap out old pieces for a more luxurious look in Art Deco style.  Add a few Tufted pillow to make a beautiful statement in your home. These muted colored pillows will greatly satisfy your love for deep colored tone while giving a warm look in your home. Pair them with an bohemian style throw blanket for a warm and inviting look on your couch.

Tufted Velvet Pillow

Sizing up your pillows

How do you know about the sizes to use?  A general rule of thumb to follow is; start with larger square pillows, then layer in some standard size square pillows. In the final step, throw our lumber pillow in the front to complete the composition! Using a variety of shapes and sizes incorporates visual interest and dimension to your room.

Play with placement

Another way to create visual appeal is by experimenting with the position of these tufted pillows and throw blankets. Some designers opt for a set pattern, like following a rule of three— two throw pillows and one blanket. Others suggest selecting the quantity of throw pillows according to style— odd numbers for modern and even for traditional. But whatever the case, one thing is for sure that by incorporating a few of these velvet pillows, your room's decor can go from basic to bold; it's that simple!

Throw Blanket

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